Thursday, December 20, 2012

Luke 1: 26-38.

For most people the next few days are going to be very busy.  There’s food to prepare, presents to wrap, last minute shopping and, most importantly, special services in church.

Perhaps you’ll have guests coming to you - or maybe a journey to take yourself.  On top of all that there are all the ordinary things of life.

Children, though, are just getting excited.  Christmas Day can’t get here quick enough.  Many parents, harassed enough at this time of year, may be tempted to say, “yes, whatever” to almost anything simply to keep the children out of their hair.

“Yes, whatever” – or as the Beatles put it, “Let It Be”.  Those words are loosely taken from Mary’s response to God’s amazing news, given to her by Gabriel.

The trouble is that “let it be” sounds like a tired, passive response; like saying “yes, whatever” to the children because we haven’t really got the energy to say anything else.

But that doesn’t do justice to the force of Mary’s “yes” to God.  She replied to the angel with a declaration that she was the Lord’s servant and with a definite faith-filled “yes” to God’s invitation.

As you reflect on the wonder of Christmas, remember that it began not with acquiescence, or weary “whatever” fatalism, but with Mary’s faith-filled enthusiasm.