Friday, October 26, 2012

Micah 6: 2-7b

We like to think we know what’s best, and often we do.  We know what’s best for our children - ­their schooling, behaviour, routine, friendships.  For ourselves - the type of work we do, what helps us relax, what sort of church we want to attend. 

But the Bible has a word for the person who thinks they know best all the time.  They are called ‘fools’.

Only the fool thinks that what goes on in their own head is the end of the matter.  This is why the Bible frequently tells us to ‘listen to what the Lord says’.  We don’t need to remain in the dark when the giver of light has spoken.

As God’s spokesman, in the middle of the 8th century BC, Micah realised that God’s word must be heeded.  Speaking largely to the southern tribes of Judah, probably in Jerusalem, Micah knew he must get a hearing for God. 

Idolatry, injustice and immorality were rampant, but the people were so used to thinking that they knew best, that they had forgotten God’s laws and ways, and so Micah calls them to listen again to God.

Have we given God time to speak his word to our hearts?  What was the last thing he said to us?  Have we responded?  Or deep down, do we think we know what’s best?